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Watch our 60 second video to see just how easy it is.

Save £47* a year per person compared with sachets.*


Pogo gives the consistent results of sachets but can be 71%* cheaper. If you buy oats or oatmeal in bulk the savings could be greater.


There’s no tricky little paper bag to fill with milk or water.


It’s more versatile – if you want a bigger or smaller bowl of porridge that’s no problem with Pogo.


It’s completely re-usable – not like unrecyclable sachets.


All the benefits of sachets and more.

In a rush in the morning? Pogo is fast. Measure out your oats then your milk or water.


The clear, easy to read measures on the side of pogo make it simple to follow the cooking instructions on your porridge pack.


Then use the microwave or hob to heat your porridge.


Make just the right amount of porridge, not too much, not too little.


Great if you’re counting calories.


Have your porridge and go.... Pogo!


Made by and for porridge lovers

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Porridge Purist? No problem.

Resolutely oats or an oatmeal purist?


It doesn’t matter with the Pogo. There are three separate easy-to-read measures.


One for all types of oats, including rolled, jumbo, fast and old fashioned.


Then there are two oatmeal measures. One for pinhead, coarse and medium oatmeal and the other for fine oatmeal and oatbran.

Psst: It’s also a great cook’s measure.

When it’s not making porridge there’s no twiddling thumbs for Pogo. It’s also great for cooking and baking.


There’s a separate ml and fl oz measure for liquids. With extra fine 10ml and 1/2fl oz divisions it’s great for the smaller amounts a regular measuring jug can’t handle.


Plus there’s a useful cup measure. With a full 1 cup capacity and fine 1/8 and 1/3 divisions it has all your cup measuring needs covered.


The Perfect Porridge Measure

Make amazing

porridge everyday.

Some say making porridge is an art, not a science. We say measuring out your oats and milk or water will help you make amazing porridge.


This clever little measure does just that. It works with all kinds of plain oats and oatmeal. It measures your milk or water too.


No more guess work,

no more gloop.


Just perfect porridge.


See how

much you could save

a year.



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*Comparison based on the price of Quaker Oat So Simple Original 594g (sachets) Vs Quaker Porridge Oats 500g (pogo). Calculation assumes single serving porridge (27g) per person per day over 365 day period. Prices checked at Morrisons online 21.08.15.

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Hello. Pogo has been discontinued. We have a limited number of factory seconds available. Click HERE to view.