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Why should I choose Pogo?


Shaking and sploshing in the oats and milk by eye can leave you with a bowl of gloop to wade through. That’s no way to start the day. Measuring out your ingredients with Pogo makes porridge just the way you like it, everyday.


Buying porridge sachets is a costly habit. Pogo offers the consistent results of sachets but is up to 74%* cheaper.


How do I use Pogo?


Click here for the Use & Care instructions.


Is Pogo dishwasher or microwave safe?


No, to prolong the life of your pogo we don't recommend either.


How do I care for my Pogo?


Hand wash with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Don't use scouring pads of any kind, they will scratch the surface of the plastic. Avoid contact with boiling water and bleach.


What is Pogo made from?


Polycarbonate, a crystal clear plastic with excellent impact and shatter resistance.


Where can I purchase Pogo?


Pogo is available exclusively through, click here to purchase.


Do you ship internationally?


Sorry, not at the moment.


Can I place an order over the phone?


Sorry, not at the moment.

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