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Tips & Tricks

Porridge not how you like it?


Don’t be afraid to adjust the cooking instructions. Start with the cooking time - if it’s too dry reduce the time or increase if too runny. If the oats or oatmeal aren’t cooked through increase the liquid, decrease if they’re gloopy.


If you’ve made it and it’s too dry?


Stir in a splash of milk or water.


Need over 300ml milk or water?


Measure out any odd amount first so you don’t get stuck with less than 60ml (the minimum Pogo can measure). So for 345ml, do 145ml first then 200ml.


Tip: Stand Pogo in porridge bowl to catch any spills while measuring.


Tip: Lift bowl or pan up to Pogo when pouring liquid to avoid splashing.


Tip: Before cooking we like to add a few raisins or dried cranberries to our oats, so they become plump and juicy.